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I got around to replacing my X carriage with a linear rail. Cost of the rail was $20 canadian and I had to buy a longer 2020 rail which was maybe another $10. I cut an idler and nema plate out of aluminum but they are openbuilds I've seen them online for maybe $8 apiece. I am able to print as fast as the extruder can melt plastic with only some slight ringing from the high speeds... very happy with it.

Looking at my old V-wheels they had some ridges indented in them but the FLSUN rounded wheels still looked like brand new so it seems like they are not bad compared to third party stuff. Leaving the wheeled Z plates on since they run really nice and I'm not seeing any problems from them. The Y carriage I got high quality linear bearings and pressed them into 3d printed pillow blocks and those are working great.