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Nice. Agree on the wheeled Z. I'm getting zero wobble and the new carriage design will definitely make its way to the HEVO (especially since its going to cost me much less to do).

Knocked out some more prints this week and am pretty happy with the build. Finished up the last of the X-Y prints for my HEVO in that black PETG. Little more dialed in but still need to find the sweet spot for extruder temp on this machine. Switched over to some promo clear PLA I had lying around and did some filament container parts and a ThreeA-inspired robot. Looked pretty damn good.

The Y-axis is the weak point now. On my little i3 I did block bearings and printed holders, but I'm thinking if I keep this thing as is for a while it'll need something more drastic. I've got more Z travel than I'll ever need to redesigning the lower chassis to use a wheel setup isn't out of the question. Think in the vein of a Tevo or Ender, but with two rails instead of one 2040. I could potentially have enough extrusion left after cutting the Z's for the HEVO to do it without completely redesigning the lower chassis, but we'll see. I'll post a screen cap of the CAD model once its done.