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The Gears1_V7C_PrintInPlace.stl with modified gear supports I just printed in Inofil ABS Silver.
I'll upload the modified STL (Gears1_V8E_PrintInPlace.stl) today, when back on Private PC.
I used:
Minimum Layer Time 40s, Concentric 30%/85° Support, SupportZ-Distance=0, LayerHeight 0.15mm, Nozle 0.6mm, 100% Infil, 60% SkinOverlapPercentage, Wall 25mm/s40%, TravelSpeed 150mm/s40%, PrintAcceleration 300mm/s², Cooling 100%, Temperature 260°C (250 the layers don't attach), 2mm Brim.
Followed my Steps in my reported Gold Build (using scalpel to remove the Gear-Attach-Support-stiches)
Take care on the Gears, they easily break off.
Maybe the ABS Filament I use is very "relaxive" wrt. what you can do with it?!