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After the test print I made with more detail I went to design only detail that would actually be visible after printing. I've never heared of Guedelon to be honest but thats a beautiful castle. I am playing the Lord of the rings / the hobbit wargame series but I'm actually more hoarding them than playing the game itself.. designing these buildings has kinda turned in to my hobby. Those arrow slits are not practical at all you are right on that one haha

At the moment Im trying to create somewhat of a village, and hope to feature a kickstarter for these buildings aswel. At the moment this set consist of about 7-8 houses of different sizing and architecture and a seamless wall design. featuring 2 different towers / corner pieces / a gate house and 2 different straight walls. Detailing and scaling is in my eyes alot better than the designs I've posted on thingiverse so far.