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Title, This bloody thing has been a thorn in my side for around a year now, Completely stock RepRapGuru Prusa I3 aside from a spool holder i printed to set the spool off the acrylic frame

It's on marlin V1.1.6 (Included FW)

No matter where the limits/origin/etc are set, when you run a print (Specifically from SD, i've seen there may be a bug in marlin that'll melt the 12v green ramps connection if you go over USB instead) it ALWAYS goes to the front left corner off the bed and then starts the print there, causing it to just pour plastic over the edge of the bed.

Base settings they give in the "Config guide" did it, adjusting things off some googling still did it, it's a 200x200 bed with the origin at 100x100

It's leveled perfect, it homes where you'd expect, it just absolutely fails to actually start at the center of the deck no matter what i do