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Live life on the edge and just disable thermal runaway protection lol

also it is pretty much a must to get a mosfet to run a bed with ramps, youll melt those crappy green connectors in no time flat, especially running at 70C

If you do decide to get new drivers, get DRV style or TMC style drivers. they are a lot better than the A4988's

can you just move the limit switch down to print closer? or put another piece of acrylic or glass under or on top of the bet to make it closer

You should not have to double the commands. You adjust the steps per mm settings for the motors of it is not scaled correctly

Also set the home position in the front left of the printer, not the middle. I think marlin doesnt allow the motors to go to negative coords by default

Side note, acrylic is usually not a very good choice to make a printer out of