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First, I must echo the sentiments of everyone else - this model is beautiful. Très magnifique! I cannot imagine how many hours you have invested in this design. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

I am currently printing this as a gift for my hand therapist. I recently lost a couple of fingers in an accident, and my therapist has been a miracle worker.

I thought I would share a problem I discovered as well. I use Simplify3D to slice and it appears that it has a problem with non-U.S. characters in the file name. I always save each part's print settings in what they call a .factory file so any future edits are minimal. Apparently, when file names contain foreign (for us) characters such as "è", Simplify3D chokes and starts generating errors. Please refer to the following forum topic:


Once I went through and renamed all the files containing "è" and replaced it with "e", the errors went away. You may wish to rename your files on Thingiverse, or just let this comment stand as a warning to others. It is a shame that in this global economy, software that is sold worldwide is not supported worldwide. C'est la vie.

Thank you again for such a wonderful design. I am looking forward to finishing it and will post a Make when completed.

Meilleurs vœux.