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That is shown on the golden print picture with the scalpel.
With a little bit of practice, i have a 95% success-rate within 15min.
Take care of your fingers!!!!
Use the non-sharp backside of a scalpel or any other thin metal piece to break away the small cylinders between gear and the holder.
Make sure the sharp side is not cutting in the holder, it will win to cut open the holder->lost print.
Make sure as well to not use the sharp edge of the scalpel to cut open the small cylinders. You will break open the holder as well.
When the big gears still don't move, try a screwdriver to softly bend to disconnect the gear from the holder.
Once the big gears are "disconnected", start to losen carefully the vertical gears.
This is how i did it all the time.
If you destroy the print, have a look where it connects.
Printing scaled at 120% increases also the tolerance gaps and might make your print movable.