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Thanks for sharing your design! I have done electronics as a hobby for over 40yrs. So I've seen lots of gadgets, but this thing brought a big smile to my face. I didn't even finish printing the outer frame... just 6of8, because it is already quite useful with 18 spots to place arms (I'll print the rest, but arms first so I can start playing right away). Such a nice addition being able to fish probes through the arms too! You might laugh that I used to just grab bits of cardboard and tape to make probe holders. Commercially available 'flexy arm helpers' I have seen either fall short of my needs, or are way overpriced. At a predicted $50 worth of filament and energy (according to octoprint), this thing is a Cadillac with a huffy price. This thing is a welcome luxury at my bench... a very well thought out design imho.

I like how I can store the pieces in a small bag when I don't need it out. That was why, with a 220^2 build plate, I chose the 8pc split version. It is quite large when assembled.

I'm still in the process of printing ball/sockets to suit my needs. I'm printing those 0.1mm in abs, since the overhangs are a bit heavy for my rig at 0.2mm. It takes while, but at 0.2 they curl quite a bit (even with a 45C chamber) and come out too 'notchy' when I move them around. 0.1mm is very smooth, yet still good 'bite' to avoid slumping arms. I plan to print some of the crane clips too... if you don't mind I want to design crane arms for the newer Rigol probes... giving you remix linkage of course.