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Not to chuckle, but I just had this issue at around 11pm on Monday, and had to wait until yesterday after work to really look at it.

Check where the filament feeds into the extruder and the tension on the filament while in the extruder. On the release arm the filament tends to wear a groove into the release arm feed hole(see picture of mine) this will need to be replaced. The groove catches the filament causing friction and under extrusion.

I have only had my Ender's (plural) for about a month now and have had to perform the next steps to resolve.

I replaced mine with a bantamfeeder (printed it before the issue arose). The tension on the extruder from the arm may not be great enough watch the bearing as the extruder feeds. A washer or 2 maybe until you can either print a fix or buy a replacement extruder assembly.

Does it move continuously as the filament feeds through, or are there moments of no movement? If so not enough tension on the filament to feed it properly.