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@SgtTaz, I completely agree with you, but not only does it reduce the grinding of the filament on the extruder assembly, but also relieves stress from the roll. IMO the stock spool holder is badly designed, IMO, for the default size of most spools, not allowing that "smooth" roll off. I am one of those that do not have the space for all his printers to use the side bracket. But that is why I printed the Bantamfeeder > back when I first got the printers.

Also in the name of science, I wanted to see this issue for myself, as it is one of the biggest issues. My filament sits at the top of my desk and feeds down to the printer from 2 feet above, as I use this for my spool holder

Honestly it still caught me off guard when it happened, although I knew it would happen just didn't think I had been printing that much to have that impact already. Also happened to be the last thing I checked as I troubleshoot from the nozzle to the extruder checking everything in order and testing after each check.

Spool Holder - Adjust your TUSH