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Hey Thanks!
I'll give you some tips, but that's kind of a lot to unpack for one comment. I'd strongly recommend watching some of the youtube videos Prusa puts out, they do an adequate job of quickly explaining a few of their features. I'd start maybe with a basic one to get a feel for the Slic3r PE interface, and then learn about specialized supports. Then just start clicking around the menu items and hover over the selections to learn what the settings are and what you can configure. Once you've done that:

I used the Prusa created profile titled ".20mm Speed" with a .4mm nozzle. I altered the filament temperatures to be what my brand recommended since Slic3r PE assumes you are using Prusament Filament. I supported it using the "From Build Plate Only" selection, unchecked the "Don't Support Bridges", box, and unchecked "Autogenerate Supports". Then, I loaded in cylinder 40mm high and 30mm across onto the center of the body and the lid, and typed it as a "Support Enforcer". However, if you've got your printer dialed in really well, I've seen some users post makes of this model using no supports.

Good luck!