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Anyone managed to print PSUCover_92x14_rotated.stl with PET-G?

Anycubic Mega-S, 0.3, 245/75C, Fan 20%, 45mm/s, 6/60retraction, 100% infill, less strings on the honeycomb
Anycubic Mega-S, 0.3, 245/75C, Fan 100%, 80mm/s, 6/60retraction, 100% infill, very brittle walls, easy to produce layer cracks, tons of strings

In both cases the print failed on the left side, the tiny small wall with the vertical oval hole. It fails at the level where the bottom of the oval hole starts. Even with a perfect print the wall seems too thin for PET-G IMHO . Didn't tried with other kind of materials as I don't have anything available right now.

I'm new in 3D printing, read a lot, applied other people recommendations and settings. Any idea?