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Several people have asked for a kbricks motor mount or motor case. It has indeed been my hope from the beginning that the community would come up with cases and mounts for all kinds of electrical or electronic devices like motors, switches, buttons, batteries, microcontrollers, sensors, LEDs, etc.

I have created a first prototype of a motor case for a small DC motor shown on the attached pictures. The motor is hidden in a case of the size of two kbricks cubes. Cables may be laid inside the notches of the kbricks parts, even underneath the slide connectors (this is one of the reasons why the connectors are concave). So when wiring a kbricks model, ideally all cables will be hidden in its notches and you won't see any of them from the outside.

The prototype works well but I am not happy with the male motor shaft because it will be difficult to replace when it breaks. I therefore plan to replace it by a female shaft so axles of different lengths can be connected to it.