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you do. but lucky for us 3 of the wires are already tehre with the headers. so you only need to solder a cable to the TMC(I don't recommend a header but a direct cable so it allows one of those beefy heatsinks! but that's just me.

the file i attached is a pinout I found somewhere (super huge thanks to whoever manged to figure this out :P)

I"m a hobbyist so keep that in mind but afaik D15 D14 D20 D21 D11(Already used on mine for Bltouch) etc can be used for the uart that already have a pinheader pre soldered. otherwise you can use d4 too but you need to solder a pin there and that means you have to take the board out of the printer which is like a huge pain in everywhere so I rather just not :P

tbh I only use uart for e. I do plan on making the uart available for X and Y too but I mean z is barely used and it's a super slow axis so I will keep that one in standalone.

PS: you can connect both the Z axis "Z and E1 are used for the z axis" to the same pin. since it's both a tx signal and they both are going to share settings