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Hey! Sure! Most people just add 150-200mm to the printer room Z height. I have automatic BOM calculator, which allows you to enter desired dimensions (going from stock enclosure as is) and it will recalculate all the sizes for BOM that you need.

That is great, because you can easily add for example 200mm to the Z if you want MMU, you can add X and Y dimensions if you have different printer, you can also check your table/space if it's large enough and if you have more space, you can make a bit bigger enclosure and maybe squeeze 10 instead of 8 filaments on the top etc. You can also stack multiple printers together in single enclosure etc if you're making the printer farm. However, some custom solutions still needs to be applied, for example when making filament guides, but those are relatively simple to figure out when you got everything assembled and just needs an extra hole etc. :)