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Somebody asked me the following question on youtube so I’m posting it and the answer here for anyone interested.
JW: Does it fly?
TM: Good question. It is a little bit heavy for flying with the rubber band propulsion, but it should definitely fly with an electric motor. It is symmetrical and the roll balance is already perfect. The current weight of this rubber band model skeleton is about 98 grams. So if somebody chooses to print all of the parts at 200% scale, they would end up having an 840mm wingspan model frame weighing about 400g. With the heatshrink film, the RX receiver, battery, ESC, 3x 9g servos and the motor it should rise up to slightly below 1Kg. If they choose a 1000kV 2026 brushless motor of about 500g of thrust with a 9047 propeller, this configuration should be more than enough to make it fly really good and perform well. If I will have some time I would definitely give it a try. If I will modify this model to fit all of the electronics inside, I will definitely post the files so anyone interested should subscribe to my channel or follow me on Thingiverse. This plastic skeleton should be more resistant to crashes than the classical balsa wood frame. And it has the advantage of being able to be welded instantly with the soldering iron and have it fixed and ready to fly in seconds. This is what I'm flying right now and I can tell you that I'm kind of getting tired of patching and gluing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hcwf_bLUbgk