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Ok, looks like the stepper is going the wrong direction.
Let's assume, the stepper is wired correctly, do the following:

  • set the InvertDir option in the Revolver-section of the config file to false if it's currently set to true or vice versa
  • select "Motors off" in the Main menu and rotate the Revolver manually until the endstop flag hits the endstop (LED on the endstop is supposed to go off - same as on Selector).

If those changes do not help, check the wiring of the stepper and also the reference voltage (Vref) on the Revolver stepper driver (as mentioned here https://github.com/technik-gegg/SMuFF-1.1/wiki/Wiring-the-i3-mini-board).

The Revolver is supposed to turn in the opposite direction (as it's doing in your video) to reach home position. If this is the case and it still doesn't move to home position, try changing the EndstopTrigger value (0/1) of the Revolver-section.