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Problems with printing the part with the double screws.
What a cool design!
I'm printing with PETG on a CR10s that is unmodified.
I've had pretty good experiences so far, but this print has me looking for advice.
I've failed the print twice now.
First, was with supports. I could not clean the threads, ended up snapping the screw off.
Second print was without supports and much much better. However, there is significant stringing in the area between the screws. Stringing appeared almost all on surfaces between the screws, where the head traverses to the other side while printing. Another fatal try at cleaning it off. The other parts of the screws were acceptable. I'm hoping there is an adjustment I can make to alleviate the problem.
I printed it upright.

Does anyone with more experience have suggestions about how to adjust my settings to alleviate the stringing? I'm posting some pix:
Thanks for your help!