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Nice prints. The BigTreeTech SKR v1.3 board does work well. I'm using it with TMC2208 stepper drivers. A bit tricky to set-up at first and Marlin 2.0 is at the bleeding edge with SKR 1.3 + TMC2208 combo. Haven't activated the Linear Advance function yet.

To get the part cooling and hotend cooling fans to work at the same time, you have to use the 2nd Hotend Heater power pin 2.4. SKR v1.3 board pin config file already has pin 2.4 set-up for the hotend cooling fan (if not using a 2nd Hotend). Just have to activate it in the configuration_adv.h file

uncomment and edit the #define E0_AUTO_FAN_PIN -1 to


Note in pins_BIGTREE_SKR_V1.3.h

FAN1_PIN = P2_04 (Hotend Cooling Fan Pin 2.4)
FAN_PIN = P2_03 (Part Cooling Fan Pin 2.3)