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Hey man, thought I should let you know that I am a mental health counselor and these specific models are repeatedly requested by my clients as a sensory regulation tool. They need to regulate their senses in order to regulate their feelings. This is a model I have printed and used to specifically help them calm down and it has made a big difference in the lives of several individuals, as it allows them to think clearly, become more aware, and ultimately calmly enough confront their problems. I came on to thank you for this model as I am printing one currently, and saw this post. Let me tell you it's one of my most requested prints. My 7 year old daughter just asked me to make an extra longboi and she wants to name it something cute I can't recall at the moment, and to teach it magic. Congratulations on a FANTASTIC model and I will be printing MANY of these well designed blokes to make many a child calm and happy.