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Have a look at "Update 6" of the description. Solves that "integrated leadscrew" problem.

I've been thinking about an SKR 1.3 recently to upgrade the old Flashforge Dreamer to something really useful. I compared it to the Duet Maestro, which is more than sufficient for this project and figured that the Maestro comes cheaper since it has the drivers already on board.
Using the Maestro, you also may recycle the old display - so no money to spend on this.

Overall, I just love the way the Duets handle the configuration. Fiddling around in the config.g is - in my opinion - much less time consuming and much more efficient than compiling and uploading. You simply can try different parameters just to see how they perform even while the printer is printing.
This way I've optimized my printers, so that my default printing speed setting in the slicer is set to 100 mm/s and I rarely go below, except I have some really small parts to print (yeah - sometimes I even print Benchies with a 180 mm/s ;o).