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Our Rubik's Cube Solving Robot runs equally well when plugged into a Raspberry PI running Windows IoT or a regular Windows 10 laptop or PC. Many users have opted for Raspberry PI to give the robot the ability to run autonomously, but is it the most convenient or economical option?

For fully stand-alone operation, the Raspberry PI needs an HDMI screen, keyboard and mouse -- not exactly a small entourage. All of that can be replaced by a single touchscreen, but currently there is only one model we are aware of that supports Windows IoT: the 7" display from https://www.adafruit.com/product/2718. Unfortunately, this little gadget ain't cheap ($80) and more often that not, out of stock.

In an effort to find an inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing alternative, we looked at low-cost Windows 10 tablets with two USB ports, and voila -- the 10" RCA Cambio, which can be purchased on eBay for around $60 - $70 (often refurbished, but who cares!) fits the bill perfectly. This fairly unpretentious device works great with the robot, replaces both the Raspberry PI and touchscreen, and costs much less than those two combined.

To install the app on your tablet, simply go to the Microsoft Store and search for RubiksCubeRobot