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i can assure you that you are far too generous and kind in your words.

it is easy to appear talented when you are standing on the shoulders of those before you. I never would have come up with this design without the earlier work of Vincent and Martin.

you hit on the topic which was been consuming me for a week. I'm trying to learn much more about slicers and slicer options in order to optimize print time versus quality.

Many people get usable prints from their printer at 0.3mm layer height in about 12 hours. But, some people get poor results from that layer height at some strategically important locations.

I was traditional a Simplify3D user until I bought the MMU and was forced to learn Slicer. Had stuck with Slicer through the early parts of this design. But, have been playing with S3D again as well as KISSlicer and Cura lately. They produce very different output and it has been interesting to dig in and understand why.