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I just tried slicing this thing in Prusa Slicer 2.0.0. First I tried to slice it for 0.6 mm nozzle but I couldn't get the tiny integrated support pillars to be included in the sliced output (looking at the gcode preview) at all with only a gap or alternatively it looked like it was fully welded shut without pillars depending on settings. I just couldn't make it work for 0.6 mm nozzle and 0.15 layer height. Even tried adjusting extrusion width from 0.65 to 0.6.

Then I tried slicing for 0.4 mm nozzle and I was successful so that at least gcode preview looks good and printable. Will try to print that soon. I noticed I had to disable "Detect thin walls" and "Detect bridging perimeters" otherwise if one or both of those were enabled the gcode preview around the tiny support pillars looked bad. I will post a Make later when I'm done.