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Ok, I will answer step by step:

  • I used PrusaSlicer 2.0.0, all default settings, 0.15mm OPTIMAL profile for the MK2.5S.

  • The bearing is not loose on the shaft, but doesn't need pressure to be seated (though I actually broke the shaft while trying to remove it). The bearing slide up to the flange easily.

  • On the small gear side, the fitting seems to be normal, not loose nor tight. But that not the point I noticed. The really disturbing point is the small gap between the top of the shaft and the small gear (1mm see attached picture). Even if all the parts seems to be fully seated. The small gear isn't difficult to remove at all, it's not loose, it's fitting just enough.

Can you share me your PrusaSlicer config file (if you use it, even for MK3S, I have one), I will reprint the gears with your settings.