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Finished printing a 40mm fan version this morning in two colors. It will fit the 40mm Noctua fan. I am waiting on some M2.5 screws. When complete, I will post a make. I have a question, however, what holds the Raspberry Pi circuit board to the bottom section? The posts attached to the top section are too short to hold it in place. There appears to be approx. 7mm gap between bottom of the post and the top of the circuit board. Did I miss something?

Also, hope you don't mind another suggested enhancement. It would be nice to be able to use M2.5 heat set inserts rather than nuts in the bottom section. After looking at the finished bottom section, I think it would be a simple modification. Fill in the hole for the nut. Pass a 3.8mm hole through that post instead of the 2.5mm hole. The insert would be pressed in from the bottom. Having the choice of insert or nut would be a nice option.