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I was thinking the same thing price wise. Most of the pictures I see don't include motion or the robot just sitting on a box or something, so I was just wondering if the cheaper servos would be good enough to get started with this thing. Then I saw your build.

Ever since I saw this advertised:

I have been very interested in using ROS and Tensorflow. I am a Python developer for work so I thought it would be a very interesting and affordable project. Especially since they won't ship that thing out of the USA and its $200+ for S&H inside US alone.

Your design is really amazing and well thought out. It has a lot of the components and systems I wanted to get experience with. I just wanted to know what I was getting into before throwing down for some of the more expensive parts like the lidar.

I might get setup with a basic robot using the cheaper servos and then upgrade to some of the parts in your setup. I haven't looked at the STLs yet so I am not sure what I would have to reprint in order to move to your setup. When I have some more spare time I will compare your STLs and start printing the chassis. Once I know everything prints well I will order all the parts. I am following your Github. Just really amazing to see someone open sourcing this stuff.

Can't wait to get mine going!