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Not sure of total time sorry. I printed it with 3 printers. Mostly on two Ender 3s and yes it could have been bigger. This did not fill up the Ender's build platform but i wanted it about 3 feet long and it was. The painting was done in stages and took about a full day total.

*I printed this at 150 percent which brought the dimensions to approx 35" x 14" x 6"

Paint technique I used

Used Burnt Umber and Black acrylic paints.....

1) Water down Burnt Umber so that it is a very liquid consistency and generously cover the piece, then just dab the paint off with a rag. I used white filament and was looking for a light bone undertone. Let dry

2) Use water and burnt umber to make a soup consistency and repeat process. the goal here it to make sure the darker paint lay in all of the deep crevices. Then lightly wipe of the piece removing the paint from the high points. (Don't wipe to hard) Let Dry

3) Because i could not help but to rub some dark of the shallow areas in step 2, I used a fan brush and dry brushed Burnt Umber back in those spots without water. Make sure you dry brush this on as I found if I left paint on the brush, it moved the paint all over the part. So dry brush and blend. Let Dry

4) Last Step was to use a damp cloth and wipe all of the high points and edges to remove the paint and expose some of the white.