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Thanks for the tip, I have the 3018 geminitsu on order with the toshiba board coming, to be honest i dont want to go through all the hassle with the cheaper one and i have a couple of vouchers i can use so i plumped for the better model with all the bells and whistles, i am hoping the spindle and psu are better, the specs are different as is the MCB so I am hoping overall for a better machine, I replaced the XT60's on my Creality and I assume this will have them as well in which case they will be desoldered and replaced with no wire breakages and i will upgrade the cable to a much higher thermal cable. I work in electrics as well so its easy to get... look forward to seeing what you are going to produce as my design skills on the printer need honing more, i fine with cnc for some reason but need a lot more practice with fusion 360.....

One thing that would be great is some soft of collar that can be used with a suction tool and combined brush to help get rid of the crap, also it would be nice to include in it hight intensity led lighting failing that a support for a led or failing that a led on flexible ( milk) hose to direct light onto the work piece...I have been playing with these pipes and have nearly finished my ultimate helping hands etc, noting printed all made from copper and the flexible pipes, its great for soldering and pcb work, I ahve it wired up now so i can change the voltages on the fly and make them variable as well and reverse the polarity on the "hands" or no voltage etc and even the plate on the board is positive or negative...well over the top..... anyay i will be interested to see what you come up with.....thanks again...Neil