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Sorry guys for very late reply. Family, work, vacations etc took time...

So, here are functional (for me) conf files for SKR 1.3.
I recommend to use MS Visual Studio with PlatfromIO to compile and upload firmware to printer, it is much easier and bug detection work great.
You HAVE to change conf files for your driver types, steps and motor directions, I will not explain how, there are a bunch tutorials how to do it.
Same for PlatformIO, where you have to configure it for this board/processor type, but if you have same drivers like, mine (see post above) you are good to go with.
It is really easy to configure PlatformIO, e.g. Chris has very nice explained here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duNHOPlh2Pg

Try it, learn it and enjoy your work!