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After watching Teaching tech's video on this new ABL i thought why not go for it as it seemed very simple and easy way to add without having to do any wire cutting or soldering etc.

I fitted the Mod with the stock fan and flashed the firmware and everything seemed to be working great, first layers were coming out perfect no more headache about bed levelling anymore. I had printed the Bullseye fan duct and had been meaning to fit it. So i printed out the new ABL mount and then fit the Bullseye, reflashed the firmware with the new ABL offsets. But now after calibrating the sensor 1mm off the print bed it would be constantly printing at an angle. On the left hand side of the build plate it would sit at the correct height (mid air as i had calibrated it above the build plate) but as it moved to the right hand side it would gradually angle and drive in to the print bed.

After some tinkering and hours of pulling my hair out about whats going on i still cant get to the bottom of it. I took apart the Bullseye and rebuilt the stock fan shroud and reflashed to the OEM offsets, i thought maybe i had done something wrong with the Bullseye incorrectly but the OEM would print fine and there was no issues in bed levelling and act as it should. Strange i know. So i took that apart and and refitted the Bullseye and low and behold the same issue.

Maybe somebody has run into the same issue ?? if someone can please help that would be much appreciated its driving me absolutely nuts !!!

NB: I have attached images of the Bullseye set up and also the bed level test to show the angle in which it was printing from left to right.