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Thanks - that is (almost) exactly what I needed. And thanks to you publishing the .stp (btw, any major difference in the bracket part between the .stp and your last version here?), I can make it into exactly what I need.

Ok, maybe a little bit of explanation. I run my printer inside an enclosure, and I'm finally working again on the climate control (ok, a big word for a fan regulator) for the box, which should enable me to print ASA (or even ABS). The air inlet of my box is right next to the einsy box - but the default box has the majority of the air coming in from the heatbed side. At 110°C heatbed temperature inside a box that I'd like to keep at ~50°C overall (the printer parts are all made form PETG, right?), that's going to be toasty - and I would like to avoid the airflow from the inlet across the heatbed.
Along comes your box - shielding the heatbed from the cold air and putting the hot side of the board right towards the airflow :-). And reinforcing that side of the frame as a bonus. Now all I need to do is to fiddle around with the airflow. The vents on the heatbed side need to go, instead a few vents need to go into the top side - and maybe I'll even add a fan to the door.