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Ok, so I really should have found the Teaching Tech youtube channel before posting here. This guy is insanely talented at teaching this stuff.

If anybody has the same question I had, the answer is that the 2208 will do 90% the same job as the 2130, and can handle a bit more power. Unless you buy it preconfigured for standalone use, the 2130, in all ways, takes more work. Standalone is very quiet, but offers no advantage over the 2208. SIP is really why you'd go 2130, and it has to be physically configured differently depending on use. It lacks Stealthchop 2, but with this board, that's not really why you'd get it. The wiring is a bit of a chore, but easy to do following the guides on Teaching Tech. If you've installed a car stereo, you can do this.

Sensorless homing/obstacle detection are pretty awesome, and I feel well worth the extra effort. If I ever get paid to do this, I would want that reliability. If nothing else, it seems worth it just to save a print or two.

Oh yeah! The 2209 was recently released, so we'll just see what to do here. I'm definitely getting the board...{edit} Ok, so I'm going 2209. It's the upgraded 2208, and handles more power. It supports sensorless homing via UART, and it's a lot easier to physically set up than the 2130, especially on this board.

The 5160 was also introduced alongside the 2209. It diverts a bit from the hobbyist market, providing up to 20 amps for giant motors (2208 = 1.4, 2209 = 2.0). The price reflects that, at almost twice the 2209. That said, most of us would probably never have to buy drivers again! The more realistic advantage at this scale is that they run super-cool. The 2209 still has Stealthchop 2, and should run cooler than the 2208. With the sensorless detection, I'm sold, as I'm sure many others will be.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps someone.