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As this print was done a few months ago, my memory was foggy. I remeasured what my result was as well as the STL files. The width of my "SD" card blade slots is 20mm, whereas cards are 24mm. I didn't select, slice, or send these files to the printer (I was still learning from a co-worker for the company's printer). There is no doubt in my mind, the person who sent this to the printer sent the MSDuo file instead. I can see that the STL files are bang on exact measurements for tight fits, and a close look at the SD Micro card shows that it could fit, but is a bit tighter then I'd feel comfortable using.

After I wrote off this as being ABS only, I went off designing my own. As part of that, I made a test guide simple print to check sizes. My slots are currently loose, and would make tons of noise. Then lost interest in the project and moved onto other things.

I now know enough about scaling to edit that either as an STL file, or within the slicer. I appropriate the offer of help! You are awesome. You've cleared up a misconception I had that ABS prints were wacky in their sizing (since I was thinking my 24mm expectation was getting 20mm).