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This is an improvement for loading default filament, but makes unloading filament impossible. Also flex filament won't work with this anymore.
The main issue with your part is unloading filament after a runout. When a filament spool ends, the FINDA probe will sense the runout , the extruder then tries to push back the filament. But there is no chamfer on the way back and the added force of the magnet will make the ball deflect the filament end on its way back. Its getting stuck 100% of the time. Spooljoin won't work anymore.
Also flex filament will get deflected too much on load and get stuck somewhere below the ball. Even manually its impossible to push flex through.

I've attached a picture comparing your parts filament path with the original one and I'd say it would be better to just retain the original path below the magnet, basically adding plastic between the magnet and the ball