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I really, really like the work you're doing with this project and I'd love to give it a try. Unfortunately it's not as easy as I'd hope.

Based on your comments you seem to have problems getting your ZIP archives to behave and instead just uploaded the separate files. I can understand your reason for doing that but the other side of that coin is a much more complicated process for the user when she has to figure out which of the 120+ files to download.

I've been scrolling through the files list for 10 minutes and I still can't figure out which file to download to get the one I want - in this case I'm looking for a wall to go with the E floor tile - so I'll most likely just give up and not print any of them. The main reason for this problem is that Thingiverse doesn't display the information required to make a informed decision.

The file names are truncated and the icons are too small to show exactly what the finished print will look like. The large previews has no information about what model it's displaying so that is of no help either. Downloading each file, one by one, and then go through them is quite time consuming.

If there'd been an easy way to download all files, either in a ZIP file or through functionality in Thingiverse, it'd be a lot easier for me to browse the files on my computer in whatever application I choose.

Again, I understand that it consumes time and energy replying to the same comment about broken ZIP-files over and over again, just know that there is a downside to uploading individual files.