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Thank you, yes I understand the Wanhao has a different configuration, but some of their comments also helped me understand my problem.
I recently converted my setup to direct drive, but only reduced the retraction distance to 6mm and knew nothing about the end gcode in Cura.
I used 8 mm at 25mm/sec, when I had the stock Bowden configuration, and still got stringing. (Most of my PLA got wet, after being open for a few months, and it took me a while to realize that was my main problem.)
My first 15hr print with brand new PLA and 1.5mm retraction is beautiful (no gaps, no zits, no layer issues) but when I came to retract the filament the next morning, it was stuck in the nozzle. Heating to 220 and extruding a few mm first eventually broke it free.
I am wondering now whether I should let Cura retract 4mm or 0mm at the end of a job. I presently have that set to 2 mm, thinking Cura may add that to one final 1.5mm retraction at the end of a job.