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Ah cool, I saw your reply also above, and that makes more sense for using 1.5mm retraction :D. As another datapoint, my Ender3 uses a Titan Aero and I use 0.5 to 0.8mm @ 35mm/s. It sometimes clogs but only with the last bit of MakerGeeks PLA+ which I have left, it has no problems with any other PLA or PLA+ I throw at it, and PETG also seems to work well with that setup. I used 0.8mm with PETG which is at the higher end of the range for retraction.

I typically print around 207-218C with PLA on my Ender3 (Titan Aero) and CR10S Pro (MicroSwiss). I can print lower, but feel like the prints are a bit stronger when I run them a few degrees hotter. If you find that there are still problems with clogging at 205, then I would suggest checking that the cooling duct is not pointed too high - pointed at the nozzle, which I think has caused me some problems in the past before I swapped the duct out. Using the silicone sock on the hot end block is aslo a good idea if you have one. Good luck!