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Hi, I've been running a number of very large prints on my CR10SPro lately and these are the knobs I usually try adjusting first to get times down - using a 0.4mm nozzle.

  • Layer height, for big prints I use 0.24mm normally
  • walls - 2 is usually fine
  • infill - gyroid, usually between 10-25% depending on what it is for, you can also use grid and "gradual infill steps" to reduce unnecessary infill.
  • supports - aside from orientation of the model and increasing the overhand % to reduce them, it helps to use "enable conical supports" in the experimental settings

Those are the things I try first at least, and they can knock several hours off prints. For example, one went from 1d 10h with 3 walls to 1d 5h with 2 walls (not changing anything else). For something like the snowman, you can easily reduce walls and infill - if you plan to paint it. Low # of walls and infill % may show though though and even make a patterned appearance on the surface, so it is a trade off. Good luck.