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No problem. I just ran into another setting today that can greatly impact print times depending on the situation. If the print has walls that are too thin to be filled with lines based on the number of walls being used, the thin walls may get filled up with a ton of zig zag patterns which are very time consuming to print. But changing the shell> top/bottom pattern from Lines to Concentric can really shave time off the print because it swaps the zig-zags with lines. I ran into this today with a print for my Rpi 5" display and it cut off several hours from the print with only that one change. Obviously it really depends on the situation of course. I use Cura 4.1.0 though, and this behavior may have changed in newer versions. Also the walls may not be as strong as with the zig-zag type infill pattern, but in this case (pardon the pun) it is a shell for a case which is more aesthetic than structural.