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Hi Bruno, I'm finding your design remarkable and highly interesting. In searching images, I've found absolutely no instance of anyone else placing the motors as you have done. The only comment I've found about it was over at https://forum.duet3d.com/topic/8021/corexy-belt-pattern/8 where the extra idlers were noted. Other than that potential (7 idlers vs 4 per loop) I don't see any downside, and the advantages are pretty neet:

no belt obstruction accessing the print area from the front
very fine means of tension adjust
motors outside the enclosure
belt routing is almost entirely between the frame extrusions, providing greater room for platform motion within the frame interior, and ease of adding enclosure panels outside the frame.

I've trial printed a motor mount and find the fit and engineering just excellent. I think all of the extrusion I have on hand is 2525, so some remixing will be necessary for some of it. I really like the integrated z mounts and how you've arranged them for no support printing. I think what I have for the platform extrusion is 1010 (or 1515) so a bit of remix there too.

Now for just the one question I have. All of the idler posts are supported on both ends, except for those on the motor mounts. Should the motor idler posts be supported on both ends also, or is the bolt head of those idler posts expected to be supported just by the cutout in the bottom plate? Seems like it would be easy to support on both ends, or does that complicate assembly/disassembly?