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I thought about doing an overhead extruder but after I got the BMG clone I didn't feel it needed it. They run a 3:1 gear ratio (lots of torque) and are VERY consistent extruders. If you get one you will have to modify the Esteps in the firmware.

Also I didn't go with an "all metal" E3d hotend. I got the one with PTFE for better PLA prints.

The Tronxy faketack surface seems to hold up well. It can be scratched or gouged if not careful. Consider it a consumable, it will probably need changing at some point depending on how well you treat it. For PLA I don't use heated bed, but I make sure the nozzle if very close on the first layer. If I print a very large print, I may use bed heat to make sure it doesn't warp but so far not really needed it for PLA on smaller prints.