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This has the idea of being a contraption all on its own. I am working on a few motor drivers electronics. But I envision you could build this whole framework with a makerbot and (possibly makerbeam but its a bit small) to create a DIY centrifuge.

I am always looking for cool thin
gs to demo / make on the contraptor site. This seems like it would have far reaching uses. On the down side I am not a bio major :). So if someone can link me to standard mixing tubes (is that the right term) I can buy some and see if I can make this whole thing open source DIY.

Of couse I do no
t have a makerbot so some parts I might need some help with. But msg me if you want to help out with the project. I do have a few other things I am working on but I hope to at least mess with this project by early spring.