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Stability might be an issue until the top pieces are placed. Although I designed the parts to interlock a bit so they should support each other. Once the cap pieces are placed the whole thing will be very stable. (As long as you don't tip it upside down) :)

I suppose if you had a really long wall with no other walls connected in the middle, there might be some stability issues. Maybe I should make a long wall (3 squares) with a single base on a side to give it stability. Hmmm, something to think about.

As for speed, I think most of the time is spe
nt looking for the "right" piece. My goal is to keep the total number of required pieces low so you never have to search for anything. There will be a bit of a trade off between having combo parts like a corner wall (or a T) or just using two (or three) single walls. I will provide both eventuall
y, and leave it up to the user to decide what they want to do.

That said, the one thing I don't really like is the individual base pieces. They are probably a pain to deal with. I would love to be able to make a big sheet of the base pegs, but I'm limited to the size of the Cupcake build platform
. So I could probably make a 4x4 grid of the base pieces at most. Maybe I should spend a little time and figure out how to make the base pieces interlock so you could quickly set up a nice large base.