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Reposting my post from the QIDI X-Max group:

If you're using Ultimaker's Cura with your X-Max [X-Plus, in your case] you've probably noticed that you don't get the 3D model on the touchscreen, nor an accurate time remaining estimate.

Well, I've found a Cura post-processing script that inserts the 3d model data as well as the estimated print time into the gcode file that will display on the touchscreen.

You can find the script in the github link below. Credit to Spanni26 on github for making this. I've been testing it for over a week now and it has been working well without issue.


I've also added a screenshot of what it looks like on the touchscreen.

QIDI Tech 3D Printer discord link: https://discord.gg/s2rwfms

I've also founded a QIDI Tech 3D Printer discord to converse with fellow QIDI owners and share resources. I hope it to become an excellent source of QIDI printer information. Hopefully we can discover enough to do as we please with the closed-source hardware and software.