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I did this a few weeks ago, hoping it would Just Work in time for me to attend the Chicago hacker's conference (thotcon) and show it off - I was obligated for other reasons to demo the ToM there and had hoped I could make it relevant.

Unfortunately, I only ended up with time for the one test
you see here.

I can't answer your first question, but I would imagine it would bend.

For your second, the dimensions seemed spot-on and when I put it into the lock there wa a definite point where it 'clicked in'. It might have been the case that the particular lock I was trying just required
too much torque - it happens to be a lock I've also been unable to pick manually, so a horrible choice for this test.

If it had worked a little better, I would have intended to print it as a complete key, not just the little shim you see here, so it would have been much stiffer and easier to use.

Also just worth mentioning - for every print in my life, I've used .4mm layers, except this one, where I lowered it. I can't recall exactly, but I think it was .25mm.