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For this one:


I used MBI black 3mm filament (measured at 2.84mm average)

Used this profile calculator:


with layer height 0.25mm, thread width 0.5mm and feed rate of 40mm/sec

So Carve is set:
Layer Thickness 0.25mm
Perimeter Widt
h over Thickness: 2.0

Fill is:
Interior Infill over Exterior Infill: 1.0
Grid Rectangular
0.3mm Overlap
0.25 solidity
2.0 Width/Thickness

Feed Rate: 40 (don't go faster than your bot can handle)
Flow Rate: 1.4964 (from MakerBlock Profile thingy)

I am using the MiseryPusher ( http
://http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:7129www.thingiverse.com/thing:7129 ) which has the MakerGear geared stepper.

Reversal Speed: 30 RPM
Reversal time: 120mS
Push Back: 120mS
Threshold : 1mm

I used 230 deg C for the nozzle and 150 deg C for the build platform. The build platform is knock-off 4" (100mm) kapton that I clean with Windex
glass cleaner.

So far it works for me :)

MiseryPusher: Geared Stepper filament pusher for MK5 extruder