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Surely! Imagine my left hand holding the bottle firmly, and my right hand, carefully applying layers of colour :) Sorry, I hope you didn't think it was an automated process.

More info, if you're interested:

For this bottle I used three sharpie "fine point" permanent markers - a turqouise blue, a neon green, and a bright yellow. The fine point markets don't have a tiny tip .. they are your basic iconic sharpie marker.

Step 1: I started by painting the recessed areas
with the neon green marker, leaving all raised areas white.

Step 2: I painted the raised area with the yellow marker, taking care to blend where it met with the neon green areas.

Step 3: I repainted the recessed areas using the turqouise marker, which turned the neon green into a nice deep emeral
d colour.

Step 4: I took the neon green marker and used it to blend the areas where the yellow met this new recessed colour. Sometimes the blending was done with a scrubbing motion, and other times it was useful to just use a sketchy brushing motion.

Step 5: I went back with the yellow marker
and touched up the areas that needed brightening. I used a scrubbing motion for this to really "bleach" out the areas needed, such as the little raised dots.

Hope this helps!