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I love this. It's really cool! The idea to use glowsticks is innovative, and the way you broke it up to assembled into a large print is useful too.

I have worked on 3d printed candles before at shapeways, but sculpting into them an LED and coin battery housing. It works pretty well, but needs a tweak.

You inspired me to go back to the drawing board for an idea I had to use a maglite in the base of a candle, and then sculpt the hollow candle
above it as a diffuser. It's in the works now, but what I really wish ....

And I hope thingiverse folks are listening here ;)

What I really wish for is a button that identified something as "inspired by". There are so many great ideas that spark new great ideas here at Thingiverse. And the new
things that are made are not necessarily derivative products. When I am thankful for an idea that came to me as a result of enjoying someone else's idea .. I really wish I could give them credit for the inspiration even though the new piece is entirely different.

Until then, I might make a habit
of writing it into the description ... yeah! That's what I'll do :)